2 thoughts on “Kylo – little black kitten

  1. I love looking back at these videos of Kylo now he’s at home with us 🙂 He’s still got a really loud purr, and loves head bonks, but he’s much more boisterous and very happy and confident.

    These videos are a lovely idea, they made us fall for Kylo before we’d had a chance to meet him 🙂


    1. What a lovely comment. I’m so glad to get an update on the little purr machine. I remember him vividly. The spindly body. The boisterousness – much of the footage was unusable because he was out of focus.

      I’m glad he’s found a loving home, and that the videos helped you get an idea of his personality. I’d like to encourage other cat rehoming centres to also make videos.

      If you wouldn’t mind, could you please leave a “thumbs up” on YouTube for the video(s) of Klyo. Or a “like” our Facebook page.


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